Anna Grassellino and Alexander Romanenko win 2017 USPAS Accelerator Prize

Fermilab’s Anna Grassellino and Alexander Romanenko have been awarded the 2017 USPAS Accelerator Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology. Their prize was earned for “breakthrough discoveries in raising the quality factor of Superconducting RF cavities with nitrogen-doping and related techniques and their impact as baseline technology for new SRF accelerators.” This work will benefit new accelerators being built for the DOE Office of Science.

Two such USPAS Accelerator Prizes are announced every two years, and winners are selected based on:

1)  Intrinsic scientific/technical quality and importance to the field

2)  Realization of concepts in working accelerators; leadership and vision in machine building; putting concepts into practice

3)  Level of impact: degree to which concepts have led to the production of more or better science or has the potential for doing so in the future

4)  Other factors, especially teaching/encouragement/stimulation of young scientists and engineers

The award will be presented at the opening evening of the Winter 2017 USPAS session in Rohnert Park, California. Congratulations to Grassellino and Romanenko!

alexander romanenko

Alexander Romanenko

anna grassellino

Anna Grassellino