Bison Head Ale – it’s Fermilab-ish

Two Brothers has made a new brew, Bison Head Ale, exclusively for The Frontier Pub. Photo: Ricarda Laasch

Two Brothers has made a new brew, Bison Head Ale, exclusively for The Frontier Pub. Photo: Ricarda Laasch

The Frontier Pub. To boldly relax after work as no one else has relaxed after work before.

Fermilab’s on-site bar, the Frontier Pub located in the Village, is just the right place to kick back after a long work day. The pub has a dimly lit and wood-paneled living room-like area filled with cozy couches scattered around low tables. The walls around the large fireplace are covered with old photos and antiques. The gathering place has a vintage flair guests can enjoy while they sit at the bar for a cold beer and a nice chat with Kris Koener, the pub’s capable bartender.

The beer at the bar is not so vintage as the interior. The Frontier Pub has started to serve on tap a new craft beer called Bison Head Ale.

The new beer was unveiled on Wednesday, Sept. 21, together with a new pub menu. The homey barroom was packed with visitors and employees eager to get a taste. This reddish ale is brewed exclusively for the pub by Fermilab’s friendly neighborhood brewery, Two Brothers Artisan Brewing.

Two Brothers is a family-owned craft beer brewery located just next door in Warrenville. As Two Brothers says, they’re “Chicago-ish.” Their master brewers had already named one of their seasonal beers with their scientific neighbor in mind, the Atom Smasher.

But now they have decided to really move into Fermilab’s base camp pub and provide the lab with a beer one can get only at The Frontier Pub.

“It was tasty, I would have another,” said scientist Karie Badgley. But her wish for a second ale went unfulfilled.

“It must have been good, because when I arrived they were already all out,” said one of the late-comers to the pub. The new ale was gone after only two hours. Luckily food was still available, and even late-comers could still enjoy the pub food with a different locally brewed craft beer.

The Frontier Pub is a welcoming and warm place, just like the fuzzy bison whose photos decorate the walls of the food serving area. Stop by for the scenery, company and a cold one.