From the Directorate: Support during difficult times

It has been a painful couple of weeks for our Fermilab family. We are a large family, so there will always be events that generate smiles. But unfortunately, like any real family, there will be some tears mixed in. These past two weeks have been especially hard.

Anne Heavey and Mike Lindgren’s daughter was accidentally struck by a car while walking on campus at Urbana-Champaign. Bright spot is that she is recovering and expects to return to school for the fall semester. Cheryl Bentham’s son was killed in a motorcycle accident. Gino Bolla, scientist and husband to Petra Merkel, was taken from us by an accident at home.

When serious accidents happen to those near us it hurts a great deal. Especially for the immediate family and close friends. But also for the broader Fermilab family.

Now is the time to support one another. We have professional resources (Employee Assistance Program), we have HR partners (Heather, Jeff, Deanne), and we have our friends and colleagues. If there’s something you need to say or something you need to hear, please reach out. Even if just to share your grief and sadness.

Our sympathies, our support, and our hearts go out to the families and friends affected.

Nigel, Joe, and Tim