First Neutrino Physics Center fellowships announced

The first group of NPC fellows come from 11 countries.

The first group of NPC fellows come from 11 countries.

Fermilab is at the forefront of neutrino research, and as a laboratory, we position ourselves as research leaders only by building a community of top-tier talent striving to understand how our universe is put together. The fellowships sponsored by the recently established Neutrino Physics Center aim to do just that — draw a diverse talent pool to Fermilab to study short- and long-baseline neutrino oscillations, neutrino interactions, and neutrino detector technology, as well as theoretical neutrino physics.

So far the Neutrino Physics Center at Fermilab has awarded 31 researchers from as many institutions in 11 countries with NPC fellowships. Visit the NPC fellowship recipients webpage to view the recipients, their institutions and research areas. The NPC fellowships provide scientists with an opportunity to come to Fermilab for to work for up to six months on a neutrino experiment or with theoretical physics group.

The second call for proposals for an NPC Fellowship has been made, and the applications are due on Sept. 16. Awards may include travel, local expenses, a modest equipment budget, and in exceptional circumstances, salary compensation.

In addition to being available to postdoctoral researchers and senior fellows, the NPC Fellowship is also available to graduate students — including master’s and doctoral students. That graduate students are eligible for the NPC Fellowship distinguishes it from the Intensity Frontier Fellowship, which is available only to those who have a doctorate degree. The NPC Fellowship is available for short stays as well, which are particularly helpful for students during the summer.

Fermilab has many fine programs aimed at students over the summer, such as the Summer Intern Lecture Series and the Neutrino University lecture series. This year Fermilab was able to host significantly more summer students than previously, thanks to the NPC Fellowship.

Visit the NPC Fellowship webpage for more information.