Simplicity II Workshop: September 6-9

September 6-9, Fermilab is hosting Simplicity II, a theoretical high energy and cosmology workshop. It is presented in conjunction with Princeton University and the Perimeter Institute.

The general theme of this workshop is beyond-the-standard-model and “thinking outside of the box.”  Various topics at the energy and cosmic frontiers will be tackled theoretically in an eclectic, open, stimulating, and cross-disciplinary fashion. An excellent line-up of invited confirmed speakers can be expected.

The program starts with a cosmology session in the afternoon, followed by a reception on the evening of September 6. September 7-8 will be a blend of particle physics and cosmology.

The schedule includes a Special Colloquium by Paul Steinhardt, on September 7, a special Theory Seminar by Burt Ovrut on September 8, and a dedicated “Black Hole Day” of talks and discussions on September 9, followed by a special “Wine and Cheese” seminar given by Neil Turok.