Have lab-related photos to share for the 50th anniversary?

Fermilab’s 50th anniversary is coming up in 2017 and we’re looking for your photographs. The Fermilab Archives and the Fermilab Office of Communication would like to collect photos (print or digital) of life at the lab for use in 50th anniversary events. We’re interested in images of people, places and events at the lab. Any images you donate will be added to the collections of the Fermilab Archives after the 50th anniversary events are complete.

If you would like to donate photographs, please contact Lab Archivist Valerie Higgins. You will be asked to sign a deed of gift that will transfer ownership of the photos and copyright in the photos to Fermilab, so please only give us photos you don’t want back and that you don’t mind the lab sharing online, on posters or elsewhere. Unfortunately, we will not be able to return your prints.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing your memories of the lab!