Have a piece of Fermilab history to share? We want to hear from you.

Katie Yurkewicz

Katie Yurkewicz

Next year Fermilab will celebrate its 50th anniversary, looking back over a half-century of science and innovation and forward to our next 50 years of discovery. Fermilab’s big hits, such as the top quark discovery, are well-known, but the colorful, little-told tales of Fermilab’s rich history also deserve an audience.

Throughout 2017, we will tell those stories. Or more accurately, you — those who have worked at or worked with the lab over the last 10, 25, even 50 years — will tell those stories, and we will give you a way to do it. Let us hear from you, our employees, users, visitors, colleagues and friends.

Are any of these kids you? We'd love to hear your story.

Are any of these kids you? We’d love to hear your story.

Perhaps you have an amusing anecdote about one of the early users meetings or a reminiscence about constructing the Tevatron. Maybe something funny happened on the way to the physics forum, and you were the primary witness. (One employee has already dropped a line about a cow chip contest.) We want to hear about these adventures — big and small — and so do our friends and fans.

We will publish both written and video memories. First- and third-person accounts are welcome. (See some nice written examples.)

If you have an anecdote you’d like to be considered for this project, please contact the Fermilab news group at 630-840-3351 or news@fnal.gov. We’ll work with you to figure out the best way to tell your story, whether that’s guidelines for writing it or coming in to record it on video. Stories will be posted on our news site and shared through social media in 2017, but we need to start collecting stories now – so don’t delay!

Happy chronicling!

Katie Yurkewicz is the assistant director for communications.