First International Thanksgiving Potluck a success

Hungry potluckers serve themselves an international feast. Photo: Rui An

Hungry potluckers serve themselves an international feast. Photo: Rui An

When people in the United States think of celebrating Thanksgiving, they imagine the whole family coming together for a large, once-a-year dinner that usually involves a turkey and cranberry sauce.

This year, Fermilab’s Students and Postdoc Association started a (hopefully) new tradition at the lab: celebrating an International Thanksgiving Potluck at the Frontier Pub to cherish the diversity of the “Fermilab family.”

On Tuesday Nov. 22, the FSPA invited people to bring home-made food from their countries of origin to create a very different Thanksgiving dinner: a diverse potluck full of surprises. Everyone could share a little piece of their culture and heritage during the dinner.

More than 40 employees and their families attended the event, enjoyed the buffet and talked about different national cuisines. They brought appetizers, main courses and desserts. The FSPA provided beverages.

The event’s culinary variety was surprising even to the organizers and included: Brazilian bobó de camarão and escaldado; English sponge cake and classic teatime sandwiches; home-cooked Italian pasta; American classics pecan pie and marshmallow sweet potatoes; Indian samosas; Colombian platanitos; Chinese chicken and dumplings; and German Rote Grütze und Vanillesauce.

“This was a really great event, and so far we want to make it a new Fermilab tradition,“ said FSPA officer Mônica Nunes.

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