Your help needed for Fermilab’s 50th anniversary

A year-long program of activities is being planned to celebrate Fermilab’s 50th anniversary — and help is needed from across the lab to make the celebration a success. Visit this page to indicate your interest in supporting one or more planned activities, and you will be contacted by the organizer of the activity. There are many opportunities for Fermilab employees and users in all job categories to support anniversary activities, including:

  • helping organize celebrations for employees and users
  • planning and conducting outreach activities in local communities
  • giving talks to community groups
  • giving colloquia at universities and other labs
  • attending community events on behalf of the lab
  • helping organize and/or staff the 50th anniversary symposium and our big open house
  • supporting our birthday celebration on social media

And the list continues to grow. We welcome your help and ideas. If you have questions about the overall 50th anniversary program, please contact Katie Yurkewicz (, x4112).