Message from Secretary Moniz

The following message was sent to DOE employees on Nov. 9. It is posted as an FYI.

Every four years, the American people elect a President in keeping with our democratic traditions. We are now embarked on a 72 day transition period, during which time we have the dual responsibilities of continuing our work on President Obama’s priorities and of professionally preparing the way for a smooth start by the fourteenth Secretary of Energy and his or her team. Every day counts for advancing our clean energy, science, nuclear security, and environmental missions, and I anticipate that we will accomplish much over the next ten weeks, just as your excellent work has done over the last years and as the Department’s new leadership will appreciate in the years ahead.

I look forward to thanking many of you personally for the privilege of working with you to collectively deliver significant results for our fellow Americans across the many vital missions of DOE.

Secretary Moniz