What’s the DIFF? 365 days of Fermilab pictures

Sign up to take a photo at Fermilab on a date in 2017!

Sign up to take a photo at Fermilab on a date in 2017!

What’s DIFF? It’s the Daily Image From Fermilab, and on the occasion of the laboratory’s 50th year, we’re inviting everyone at the laboratory with a camera to participate.

DIFF is an effort to photograph some aspect of Fermilab every single day of 2017. By the end of the year, all 365 days will be represented through photos taken by you.

How does it work? It’s easy. All you need is a Services account and a camera — anything that takes a picture.

1. Go to diff.fnal.gov (visible only to those on the Fermilab site or VPNed in). Sign up in advance to take a picture on a date — or dates — of your choosing.
2. When that 2017 date rolls around, take a picture.
3. Within two days of taking the picture, upload it to diff.fnal.gov.

Your photo – and all the others taken up to that point — will be posted on a dedicated webpage on the DIFF site, showcasing daily snapshots of Fermilab over the course of 2017.

A few points:

  • Everyone with a camera is encouraged to participate — all skill levels are welcome!
  • It’s neat for the viewer to be able to connect the photo’s subject with a time of year. A completed prototype indicates an R&D milestone that was met on a specific date. A staff member in a coat indicates a cold day. A blossoming flower indicates spring. Consider time elements.
  • Take photos of your colleagues in action — photos of people are encouraged.
  • It goes without saying that your photo should depict nothing unsafe or offensive.

And what if you happen to take a photo on a date you didn’t sign up for and want to be part of DIFF? No problem! You can still post it to the DIFF site, even if the date you took it has already been claimed by someone else. The more photos, the merrier.

For those who visit News at Work or read our staff newsletter: DIFF is a separate initiative from the Photo of the Day. In the years-long Photo of the Day tradition, we post pictures on our news site with only some regard for when the photo was taken. On the other hand, with the DIFF effort, various participants will take a photo every day of the 365-day year. And everyone will be able to enjoy them online.

Learn more about DIFF (you must be on the Fermilab site or VPNed in to view). Have questions? Email news@fnal.gov.

Happy snapping.

Elliott McCrory is a senior scientist and has been taking pictures since his father first let him borrow his Leica in 1965. Eileen Berman is the LBNF/DUNE computing coordinator and a member of the Fermilab Photography Club. Marty Murphy is an operations specialist and the president of the Fermilab Photography Club. All of the authors hope you will participate in DIFF 2017.