From CRO Joe Lykken: Five things you should know

Joe Lykken

Joe Lykken

On Nov. 29, staff in the Chief Research Officer organization gathered in Ramsey Auditorium for an all-Office-of-the-CRO meeting. Here are the highlights:

1) The Muon Campus is nearly complete. Muon g-2 is in the final stages of construction and we have just received beneficial occupancy for the Mu2e building. Looking forward to first muons delivered in 2017.

2) The international team came together at Fermilab over the past nine months and is working successfully. The DUNE collaboration is expected to surpass 1,000 members at their next collaboration meeting in January. We are building on long-standing collaboration with Latin America for DUNE and other experiments.

3) The CERN neutrino platform is moving forward very rapidly, demonstrating their very strong commitment. The two ProtoDUNEs are coming together quickly. Thanks to Marzio Nessi at CERN.

4) The SBN program is moving forward. MicroBooNEe’s first paper was submitted. The SBND building is almost done. Beneficial occupancy is expected next month for ICARUS. Refurbishment of ICARUS is almost done at CERN and will be shipped to Fermilab early next year.

5) The future of computing is here at Fermilab: spectacular Google Cloud experiment at Supercomputing conference; deep learning neural network successes in neutrinos and ramping up as well for CMS and cosmology.

Joe Lykken is the deputy director for research at Fermilab.