In memoriam: Yann Guardincerri

On Monday, Jan. 23, our dear colleague and friend Yann Guardincerri died in a hospital in Sudbury, Canada. He was 34 years old.

He had been leading the installation of the DAMIC dark matter detector in SNOLAB, near Sudbury. He suffered a cardiac arrest at dinner the previous Tuesday night, collapsed and despite prompt intervention, did not recover consciousness. Friends and colleagues from Fermilab and the University of Chicago stayed with him at the hospital until his wife and family could arrive.

Yann grew up in Argentina and had strong connections to Fermilab and the community in the Chicago area. As a graduate student at the University of Buenos Aires, Yann worked on the Auger experiment. In 2013 he moved to Fermilab to work on DarkSide and DAMIC as a postdoc. Yann was a deeply passionate and caring person, and he poured this passion and caring into his work, his friendships and his family. A memorial will be held in the next few weeks.