Have a mobile phone? Take a picture of Fermilab at 50.

This Daily Image From Fermilab was taken with a mobile phone.

The Daily Images From Fermilab project is off to a great start. You can view DIFF project photos on our 50th anniversary website. But you can do more than that too! If you have a mobile phone, you can likely take a picture. Sign up for a day in 2017 to take a picture of Fermilab at 50 and submit it through DIFF. We’re displaying photos on our DIFF site and and on the 50th anniversary site.

The Daily Images From Fermilab, or DIFF, aims to collect at least one photograph taken at Fermilab every day in 2017 — the 50th year of the laboratory.

And if you haven’t yet, head over to 50.fnal.gov to see the DIFF photo gallery, a Fermilab history timeline, a calendar of upcoming events and more.