Arden Warner receives Barbados Golden Jubilee Award

Arden Warner

Arden Warner receives the Golden Jubilee Award from Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart. Photo courtesy of Arden Warner

Fermilab physicist Arden Warner was awarded the Barbados Golden Jubilee Award for Innovation and Technology from Barbados Governor General Elliott Belgrave. The award was given in recognition of Warner’s contribution to innovative energy research in solar and wind energy, in addition to his contribution to oil spill remediation technology, passions he has pursued outside of his role in accelerator science at Fermilab.

Barbados Prime Minister Freundel Stuart presented the award on Jan. 11 at Barbados government headquarters. Stuart piloted the 2016 Barbados Jubilee Honor Bill, which provides for the conferment of the Barbados Jubilee Honor on 50 people “who have contributed to the development of the nation of Barbados since the attainment of Independence and for related matters.”

Awards were given in the areas of entrepreneurship, education, science and technology, cultural arts, business, innovation, sports, medicine, civil society, public service and the labor movement.

The Golden Jubilee Award is given to those who have contributed to the development of Barbados. Photo courtesy of Arden Warner

They commemorate the country’s 50th year of independence from Great Britain. Barbados achieved independence from the UK on Nov. 30, 1966, after being a British colony for 339 years.