From the Director: Consolidation of Fermilab cryogenics

Nigel Lockyer

Cryogenic engineering and operations are critical to the success of Fermilab’s current and future experimental program. Many of our accelerator research programs, including SRF, LARP, FAST/IOTA, rely on expertise and services from our cryo program. So do projects and experiments such as PIP-II, Mu2e, MicroBooNE, DUNE…the list is long.

Over the past year we have looked at the lab’s cryogenics program from all angles, and carried out discussions with everyone involved with the program, with the goal of making more efficient use of resources in fulfilling Fermilab’s science mission. Following these discussions, we have decided to consolidate the lab’s considerable cryogenics expertise into a newly formed Cryogenic Sector within the Technical Division.

This consolidation will proceed in phases. The first phase will transfer the Accelerator Division Cryogenic Department to the Technical Division’s Cryogenic Sector. This transfer will be effective April 3. The department will maintain its existing staff, responsibilities, work and office space. It will continue to rely on Accelerator Division services in such areas as controls and mechanical support. The department will also, initially, maintain its management structure within the Cryogenic Sector.

Further consolidation of laboratory cryogenic resources, and optimization of the Cryogenic Sector structure, will be accomplished in subsequent phases. We expect the consolidation process to be complete by the end of 2017, and we will keep you updated on our progress.