Look back on January through DIFF photographs

This happened on Jan. 19: Victor Martinez spends a noontime hour making music either in the Industrial Center Building. Photo: Tom Nicol

This January flew by. The first month of Fermilab’s 50th year saw an all-hands celebration, a kickoff party and concert, and a reception for local leaders.

But that’s not all that happened: Salah Chaurize worked on a thyratron. Richard Rogus and Chef Louis worked out a last-minute luncheon request. Cindy Joe and Chris Olsen worked the owl shift in the Main Control Room. And a bunch of people went line dancing in Kuhn Barn.

This also happened in January at Fermilab: People line dance in Kuhn Barn. Photo: Karen Seifrid

It’s all captured on DIFF, the Daily Image From Fermilab. Check it out at diff.fnal.gov. We encourage you — anyone with a camera or mobile phone — to sign up for a day in 2017 to take a photo. If you like it, we’ll post it.

We’ve also designated #mobilemondays, so if you take a photo on a Monday with a mobile device, include #mobilemonday in the caption when you submit it at diff.fnal.gov.

And if you want to show your friends and family our DIFFs, head over to 50.fnal.gov and click on Daily Image From Fermilab in the left menu. You’ll see a very nice presentation of all the DIFF photos taken so far.