Solve a jigsaw puzzle in the Fermilab Library

Putting a jigsaw together is as relaxing as it is challenging. That’s what makes it fun. Photo: Mary Cook

Like solving puzzles? Head over to the Fermilab Library and take a jigsaw break!

Following the example of her local public library, the Fermilab Library’s Mary Cook makes a jigsaw puzzle available for lab staff and users to piece together anytime they like.

It started in January, when she put out a 1,000-piece puzzle on a library table. Passersby paused to put a few pieces in place. Within a couple of weeks, the puzzle was complete. So she put out another, and it was also a hit. People seemed to like them.

This week you’ll find two puzzles: a 45-piece puzzle of the Fermilab bison and a just-released 1,000-piece puzzle of a landscape featuring Wilson Hall. (You can purchase these at the Lederman Science Center.)

If you enjoy a good jigsaw, consider swinging by the third-floor crossover in Wilson Hall. There might even be another enthusiast there to join you.

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