Changes to Fermilab site road names

Since the early days of Fermilab, onsite road names have always been unique. Some roads retained their original pre-Fermilab names when converted to private roads after the acquisition by the Atomic Energy Commission, while other roads were named after letters of the alphabet.

We realize that routing and wayfinding at Fermilab can sometimes be a challenge for users and visitors — and even employees. And, with the availability of maps at the touch of a finger, wayfinding has become even more confusing. Depending on which map service provider you are using (Google, Apple, MapQuest, etc.), the name of the road on the map will not necessarily match the posted road sign name at Fermilab, which ultimately just adds to the confusion.

To help navigate people around the site, as well as to accurately represent Fermilab road names, FESS Site Services has been working to enhance wayfinding, with the ultimate goal of creating an addressing system at Fermilab. An addressing system will allow onsite turn-by-turn directions and improve location data used to manage the lab’s facilities and infrastructure.

The site road name changes include:

  • Changing A-1 Rd. to Discovery Rd. and A-2 to Discovery Rd. South
  • Pine Street will extend east to Eola Rd., eliminating the name D Road.
  • Outbound Pine St. to Pine St. West
  • Wilson St. and Eola Rd. will no longer carry directional prefixes

There are also a handful of other minor changes that relate to the prefix or suffix of the road name. Please see the accompanying map for an overview of all changes. A printable version of the map is available on the GIS portal (you must be on the Fermilab network to view). Soon you will begin to see the new road signs and, by April 3, phase one will be fully implemented including updated signage, GIS information and maps. All of the appropriate emergency response personnel have been notified and are in the process of implementing the changes into their processes. Outside agencies will also be notified as well.

The second phase of the project will be implementing the addressing associated with each facility. This is an arduous process that takes time and proper planning. Dawn McWha, the FESS Geographic Information Systems Manager, has been methodically reviewing this phase to ensure it is properly implemented. The addresses and road names will be communicated to off-site mapping agencies so eventually maps of Fermilab will be accurately represented and wayfinding will become much easier.

Any questions? Please contact Joe Pygott. And, in case you were wondering what will happen to the old road signs: depending on their condition, they will either be stripped and repurposed for other signage, recycled or you might even see one on the wall at The Frontier Pub!

Joe Pygott is the site services manager at Fermilab.

Site road names