From CTO Sergey Belomestnykh: Seven things you should know

Sergey Belomestnykh

The Technical Division had an all-hands meeting last week. The meeting was well-attended (standing room only in the Building 327 conference room) and was devoted to the division reorganization, highlights of recent progress made by departments, programs and projects, and recognition of recent award winners and people who received elevated status in professional societies. Here are a few highlights:

  1. In February, the director announced consolidation of Fermilab cryogenics in TD. The first phase of this consolidation is the transfer of the Cryogenics Department from the Accelerator Division to TD’s newly formed Cryogenics Sector. Arkadiy Klebaner will become an associate division head for cryogenics in TD.
  2. With the cryogenics consolidation, TD now has three core capabilities: magnets, superconducting RF and cryogenics. Accordingly, effective April 3, TD will be reorganized to reflect these core capabilities. Anna Grassellino is appointed as the deputy division head. Alexander Romanenko and George Velev are associate division heads for SRF and magnets correspondingly. The new division org chart is online.
  3. David Harding was recognized for his successful and efficient performance in a very stressful and demanding position as deputy division head, which he occupied for the last 10 years. Thank you, Dave! He will transition to his new roles as a deputy head of the Magnet Systems Department; manager of the Accelerator Support Program and the Accelerator Support Group leader; assistant to the division head; division risk officer; and liaison to AD.
  4. TD plays key roles in several big projects at Fermilab. The recent progress includes successful testing of the prototype LCLS-II cryomodule; demonstration of the nitrogen doping on 650-MHz five-cell cavities for PIP-II; achieving an extremely good performance on short coils and magnet models and the first long coil for the HL-LHC accelerator upgrade; relocation of the Mu2e solenoid test facility to HAB; and steady progress with solenoid fabrication.
  5. The division continues to advance accelerator science and technology in the areas of superconducting RF and high-field magnets. Here, the recent discovery of “nitrogen infusion” allows simultaneous achievement of higher quality factors (lower cryogenic losses) and accelerating gradients in SRF cavities, which will find a wide range of applications but is especially important for pulsed SRF linacs, for example, in the proposed ILC. On the high-field magnet front, our team is now integrated into the new national Magnet Development Program. The Fermilab’s 15-T dipole demonstrator magnet became the baseline design for the program. The magnet design is complete and it is now in fabrication stage. We expect to start testing this magnet by the end of 2017.
  6. Fourteen TD employees were awarded Employee Performance Recognition Awards last year: Curtis Crawford, Charles Grimm, Andy Hocker, Vadim Kashikhin, Vladimir Kashikin, George Kirschbaum, Michael Lamm, Vito Lombardo, Gary Lorentz, Yuriy Orlov, Sam Posen, Leonardo Ristori, William Robotham, Miao Yu. In addition, four AD Cryogenics Department employees, who are now in TD, received EPRAs: Andrew Dalesandro, Benjamin Hansen, Alex Martinez and Michael White.
  7. TD researchers are widely recognized nationally and internationally. Among recent award and prize recipients are:
    • Mattia Checchin: Linac’16 and IPAC’16 first prizes in student poster contest, NAPAC’16 student poster prize.
    • Anna Grassellino: 2017 EPS Frank Sacherer Prize, Presidential Early Career Award, 2017 USPAS Accelerator Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology, 2016 IEEE Particle Accelerator Science and Technology Award.
    • Sam Posen: 2016 DOE Early Career Research Award, 2016 Hogil Kim Prize, 2016 IEEE PAST Doctoral Student Award.
    • Alex Romanenko: 2017 USPAS Accelerator Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology.
    • Giorgio Apollinari was elected APS Fellow in 2016.
    • Emanuela Barzi’s IEEE membership was elevated to a senior member status.

Sergey Belomestnykh is the Chief Technology Officer and head of the Technical Division at Fermilab.