Frontier Pub hosts Nontrivia Night on Saturday

For those who want a refreshing, entertaining evening delving into Gates’ semiotics, Galbraith’s economics, McClary’s feminine tonics or plain ol’ Miltonics, come to The Frontier Pub on Saturday at 6 p.m. We’re hosting Nontrivia Night. Serious discussions only.

Nontrivia Night is intended to be a soothing balm to relieve the grating sensation many of us feel when we witness Trivia Night participants cheering their every correct response to a trivia question. So they know the distance from Earth to the sun? Big whoop. They remember the name of that television show that ran from 1995-2004? Show schmow. That song performed by that Norwegian trio? <<Eyeroll>>

“If only they would take me on over some real knowledge,” you say to yourself. Nontrivia Night is for you — for us. We would rather take an essay exam than a multiple-choice quiz. We would rather trace the influence of eight-century Japanese woodblock prints to the present day than play with wood blocks. And we’d rather compose aleatory compositions that make John Cage look like an amateur (side question for the next meeting: Is John Cage an amateur?) than name that tired tune.

The Frontier Pub will serve your choice of absinthe or the clear juice of watermelon and lemongrass. Main courses include prawn cakes; salted duck egg; coconut, corn, egg and licorice; and a green curry beech mushroom steamed bun. All dishes are at least $60.

Join us at Nontrivia Night for a hootin’ hollerin’ good time! Yee-haw!