New lab building passes DOE milestone

Fermilab is one step closer to providing additional modernized space for our employees and users. The Integrated Engineering Research Center (IERC) project received CD-1, the second stage of approval in the DOE system, on April 17.

The IERC is a new laboratory, technical and office building with a focus on collaboration spaces for the Fermilab scientific and engineering community. It is the highest-priority Fermilab infrastructure project needed to help meet the requirements of P5, the particle physics community’s roadmap. The IERC will be located to the northeast of Wilson Hall and will connect directly to the Wilson Hall ground floor and atrium.

Achieving this milestone is the result of a tremendous amount of work by the IERC project team, stakeholders and DOE team.

This milestone was approved by Stephanie Short, the DOE Office of Science associate deputy director for field operations, on behalf of the DOE Energy Systems Acquisition Advisory Board, and represents DOE’s green light to begin preliminary design. IERC is proposed for funding from the Science Laboratory Infrastructure (SLI) program. This critical decision milestone approved the total project cost range and the Alternatives Analysis, which analyzed whether to build a new building or renovate existing buildings on site.

The IERC project team is ready to get started once Congress approves a federal budget; as a FY17 “new start,” the IERC project cannot begin until the continuing resolution ends. Once funding is received, the IERC project team will work with engineering and technician stakeholders within PPD/MED, PPD/EED, ND/LAEG, SCD/RSE, and PPD/DDOD to build upon the work done to date in the conceptual design to further develop detailed design requirements and begin preliminary design.

We will continue to keep you updated on the project’s progress as we move toward expanding support for Fermilab research and science.

Kate Sienkiewicz is the IERC project manager.