Road name changes now in place

The names of several roads on the Fermilab site have now officially changed. Updated site signage, maps and GIS information are now in place.

The site road name changes include:

  • Changing A-1 Rd. to Discovery Rd. and A-2 to Discovery Rd. South
  • Pine Street will extend east to Eola Rd., eliminating the name D Road.
  • Outbound Pine St. to Pine St. West
  • Wilson St. and Eola Rd. will no longer carry directional prefixes

FESS Site Services has implemented these changes to help navigate people around the site, as well as to accurately represent Fermilab road names. The ultimate goal will be to create an addressing system at Fermilab, which will allow onsite turn-by-turn directions and improve location data used to manage the lab’s facilities and infrastructure.

A handful of other minor changes that relate to the prefix or suffix of the road name are also in place. Please see the accompanying map for an overview of all changes. A printable version of the map is available on the GIS portal (you must be on the Fermilab network to view).

For more information, see our previous column on the road changes.

Joe Pygott is the site services manager at Fermilab.

Site road names