Tevatron scientists earn award for best article

Top row, from left: Eduard Boos, Oleg Brandt, Dmitri Denisov. Bottom row, from left: Sergey Denisov, Paul Grannis.

On March 23, Professor Valery Rubakov, editor-in-chief of the Russian journal Physics-Uspekhi, awarded five physicists, including one at Fermilab, for co-authoring the journal’s Best Article of 2015.

The article, titled “The top quark (20 years after its discovery),” was written by Eduard Boos of Moscow State University, Oleg Brandt of the University of Heidelberg, Dmitri Denisov of Fermilab, Sergey Denisov of the Institute for High-Energy Physcs in Russia, and Paul Grannis of Stony Brook University. Dmitri Denisov and Paul Grannis are co-spokespersons of the DZero experiment.

The article is published in Physics-Uspekhi, volume 58, pages 1133-1158 (2015). You can read it for free during 2017 through IOP Science.