Compound bow for recreation/hunting, model: Diamond Infinite Edge Pro for sale

Compound Bow for Recreation/Hunting. Model: Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

Price : $270.00
Specifications: 7 to 70lbs draw weight, Left handed, 13 inches to infinite Draw length.

Used for 3 months till today (4th May 2017) and still in use. Excellent Condition. Waxed and maintained when used. Features a large range of Draw weights and draw lengths.
Package includes (all single items)-
1) Diamond infinite edge pro Compound Bow, left handed.
2) 3 pin Sight.
3) Peep sight not installed but included (I like to shoot without sights). This gives an advantage of setting up the sight based on your own Draw length.
4) 3 whisker Arrow rest.
5) Allen Caliper Arrow release.
6) Owners Manual.

Contact – Tejas at (

Diamond infinite edge pro 2

Diamond infinite edge pro 1