Everything neutrino on new ROC West display

Stephen Parke

The next time you walk past ROC West, look inside — and up. We, the Fermilab Neutrino Physics Center, have installed a new display for everything neutrino at Fermilab.

By “everything,” we mean announcements about neutrino-related talks and workshops; notices on neutrino papers from Fermilab and elsewhere; historical neutrino facts; and images from the lab’s neutrino experiments.

With the Everything Neutrino display, we aim to raise the level of understanding of neutrinos at the lab. Fermilab is the world’s neutrino laboratory, so why not make it as easy as possible for staff to get the latest about our favorite particle? All you need to do is stroll through the Wilson Hall atrium.

Learn all about neutrinos with the Everything Neutrino display. Photo: Elliott McCrory

To keep it fun and engaging, we’re displaying a Neutrino Question of the Week, so keep an eye on the screen! The person selected as providing the best answer will be credited on the Everything Neutrino display. You can submit your answers at the Neutrino Physics Center website. You can even submit a neutrino question there.

The Everything Neutrino display is brought to you by the Neutrino Physics Center, which is coordinated by Bonnie Fleming, Debbie Harris and me. The Neutrino Physics Center was started last year by the Neutrino Division to bring neutrino researchers to Fermilab, run seminars, workshops, schools, and generally enhance neutrino physics at the lab.

Thanks to Mateus Carneiro, Xiao Luo, Pedro Machado and Kanika Sachdev for running the display, and to Farhan Ahmed, Harry Ferguson, Elliott McCrory and Pat Riehecky for installing and setting up the display computer and screen.

Stephen Parke is one of the co-coordinators of the Fermilab Neutrino Physics Center.