Fermilab and Waubonsee Community College internship going strong after three years

From left: Randy Hines, Waubonsee Community College CAD instructor; Jodie Coghill, Fermilab design and drafting supervisor; Ruben Noceda, Fermilab-Waubonsee CAD intern. Photo: Lydia Finney, Argonne National Laboratory

Waubonsee Community College celebrated its 50th anniversary by honoring the Fermilab Technical Division’s Design and Drafting Department for their continued support of their students through the Waubonsee CAD internship program.

Engineer Mayling Wong-Squires started the internship in 2014, and the program has continued under my supervision. It has been successful for Fermilab, with three interns having completed the program. Two of them, Ruben Noceda and Sean Sellberg, have gone on to fill positions in Technical Division and Particle Physics Division, respectively. The third intern, Kyla Stephens, works side by side with other CAD designers.

At the recognition event, Ruben Noceda spoke on his experience of being an intern and the importance of these programs. As the Technical Division’s drafting and design supervisor, I spoke about the importance to Fermilab of investing in students and giving back.

Mentoring these students is important, a joint venture that requires that both parties participate in learning and sustaining the relationship.

The relationship with Waubonsee has been a success, and we expect it will continue for years to come.

Jodie Coghill is the drafting and design supervisor for the Technical Division.