May is National Bike Month: Please share the road

Throughout May, bike advocates come together for bicycle caravans, trainings, “Bike to Work Day,” and fix-it workshops.

Participants also use the month to advocate for bicycle infrastructure and commemorate friends and family lost in crashes. It is an opportunity to strengthen the bicycle community, talk about and practice bicycle safety, and celebrate the form of transportation.

We ask that motorists and bicyclist please share the road together and be respectful of one another. Motorists should stay at least 3 feet from bicycles when passing, and bicycles should move over to single file when riding in large groups to allow motorists to pass more easily.

1968: Ned Goldwasser rides his bike to work.

2017: John Voirin doesn’t quite have the suit attire figured out yet.

Dave Shemanske is the head of the Fermilab Roads and Grounds Department.