Paul “G” Gentry retires after 37 years of service

Paul Gentry

Paul Gentry, or “G” as he is known, will retire after 37 years at the lab. G started working for Jim Pfeiffer at Lab 3, winding coils for corrector magnets.  His knowledge was put to the test at the Paramount Park facility where he helped to build magnets for the Superconducting Super Collider. Not only was G helping to build the SSC dipoles, quadrupoles and sextupoles, he also trained SSC personnel to build these magnets.

Soon afterwards, G helped to assemble the Loma Linda accelerator. He was the go-to person to move and install the magnets. Once the accelerator was tested, he helped to take it apart and pack it up so it could be shipped to its permanent California location.

G is known labwide as a DJ for many lab functions throughout the years. It was at one of those events when he drew the attention of Mike May, then department head of Accelerator Division’s Mechanical Support Department. Once Mike learned of G’s skills as a magnet mover and a brazer, Mike persuaded G to transfer to AD/MSD. G’s work continued to vary in nature, from task managing the installation of NuMI’s pre-target and carrier tunnel magnets and stands to maintaining low-conductivity water systems through the accelerator to brazing the cooling lines on the Main Injector radio-frequency cavities at MI-30.

G’s sunny disposition will be missed, as will his barbecue at MSD summer picnics. G’s last day will be Thursday, May 25. Stop by to wish him well at a reception which is scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, from 2:30-3:30 p.m. in the Dungeon Conference Room (next to the Main Control Room). If you would like to sign a card ahead of time, stop by Ruth Becker’s office (XGE-106, x4736).