Paul Grannis discusses DZero history and accomplishments – May 24

Paul Grannis

One of the distinguished leaders of the Tevatron era and the primary architect of the DZero experiment, Paul Grannis of the University of Stony Brook will give a colloquium titled “The DZero Experiment: Its History and Physics Accomplishments” on Wednesday, May 24, at 4 p.m., in Wilson Hall One West.

In 1983, Grannis formed the DZero collaboration and led the design, construction and operation of the DZero detector at the Tevatron. He served as its spokesperson from 1983 to 1993, when he was joined as co-spokesperson by Hugh Montgomery. They led the experiment from 1993 to 1996, until the end of Run 1.

During this period, the CDF and DZero experiments co-discovered the top quark and announced its discovery in 1995, a major accomplishment for the Tevatron physics program. Grannis is again currently serving as DZero’s co-spokesperson, guiding its final phase by helping lead the analyses of Tevatron Run 2 data and the publication of those results.

Grannis is a research professor and a distinguished professor of physics emeritus at Stony Brook, recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan and J.R. Guggenheim awards and Panofsky Prize of the APS, and is an APS fellow.

In this colloquium, he will talk about the history of the DZero experiment and present its contributions to the Tevatron’s physics legacy.

Pushpa Bhat is a senior scientist in the Particle Physics Division and the Directorate who contributed to the top quark discovery at DZero. She is currently a member of CMS and the chair of the Colloquium Committee.