Research awards up to $75,000 available through UChicago Strategic Collaborative Initiative

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The Strategic Collaborative Initiative program supports collaborative research projects between the University of Chicago faculty and Fermilab scientists and engineers, as well as three-way collaborations between University of Chicago, Fermilab and Argonne.

Applications for funding are due Friday, May 19. Awards of up to $75,000 for a period of 12 months are available.

Among those who have received funding through the program are Fermilab’s Gustavo Cancelo and Juan Estrada, collaborating with the University of Chicago’s Paolo Privitera.

“The funding helped me to start developing a novel concept for the new generation of multi-CCD detector readout electronics,” Cancelo said. “That concept, based on low-noise digital sampling, is now in full development as a result of collaboration between Fermilab and universities in Argentina, Mexico and Paraguay. This development will hopefully be used for the upcoming CCD-based ultra-low energy threshold experiments for dark matter and coherent neutrino scattering searches.”

Past Fermilab recipients include Lance Cooley, Grzegorz Deptuch, Nickolay Gnedin, Simon Kwan, Stephen Pordes and Erik Ramberg,

The program
The University of Chicago funds research projects to support collaborative research between the university and the laboratory. Awards will be available for up to $75,000 (inclusive of indirect costs) for a period of 12 months.

Criteria for proposal selection
Criteria for selection include importance of the work to be accomplished, whether the collaboration creates a more powerful research program, and potential to procure follow-up funding to continue the research project.

Proposals should align with emerging research priorities including, but not limited to, neutrinos, cosmology, accelerators, and computational and data sciences. All proposals must include researchers from both University of Chicago and Fermilab.

Guidelines and evaluation
Applications are due on Friday, May 19, 2017. Full proposal guidelines and application link can be found at

A team of reviewers will assess the merits of all submitted proposals. The final selection will be made in June 2017. Upon completion of the grant period, funded PIs will be required to provide a brief written report on the project’s scientific results and how the funds were used.

Additional questions should be directed to Meera Raja, Associate Director of Research Innovation at or Elena Zinchenko, Director of Research Innovation, at