Submit to DIFF in May! Enjoy the April retrospective

April brings us baby bison, blooming flowers and more. As submissions to the Daily Image From Fermilab have proven, there was plenty else going on at the lab during the month of showers. What’s the DIFF for April?

Lenny Spiegel and his friends played chess in the cafeteria. Al Johnson took care of part of the A/V needs for the Storm and Tornado Seminar. People danced outside Kuhn Barn. A bee on someone’s windshield clung on for life. Donovan Tooke gave someone access to the Main Control Room. And someone revealed the secret to good coffee.

You can see more than 100 photos from April — and prior months — in a lovely presentation at our 50th anniversary website and on the DIFF website. And while you’re at the DIFF site, submit a photo yourself! We’ve made it easier to submit images. Just click the blue button and follow the prompts from there.

Here’s a small sampling (6 percent!) of the April submissions. Click on the magnifying glass in the lower right to view the full photos.