Bob Cibic retires from Fermilab after quarter-century of service

Bob Cibic

Bob Cibic has worked at Fermilab for half of the laboratory’s life, almost 25 years. In that time he has completed procurement jobs for a whole host of high-visibility projects and experiments, most recently for Fermilab’s contribution to the LCLS-II program. Now he is retiring. His last day is June 30.

As a member of the Procurement Department, Cibic has dealt with all the nuts and bolts of purchasing goods and services for the lab.

“Bob’s business acumen extends beyond procurement,” said Fermilab Procurement Manager Joe Collins, who was Cibic’s supervisor for more than 20 years. “As you might expect of someone with an MBA, he has all the tools and he knows how to use them.”

Cibic started at Fermilab as a contract administrator, working on high-dollar procurements that brought the laboratory klystrons, PCBs, electronics, and power supplies and services. During his early years at the lab, he wrote a Source Evaluation Board (SEB) Procedure, which provides the evaluation scenario for the vendor whose proposal represents the “best value” to Fermilab.

He then moved on to procurement administrator, negotiating complex procurements for various projects, including CDF and DZero. His involvement in program management and DOE reviews was crucial during Tevatron Run IIb. He also worked on a source evaluation board for a construction on the NuMI SB&O, or Service Buildings and Outfitting.

Later, as senior procurement administrator, he wrote procedures for the laboratory’s Procurement Policy and Procedure Manual. He also served as project liaison for NOvA for nine years, administering complex, high-dollar procurements while providing support to the NOvA project manager.

As procurement supervisor, he trained and mentored procurement staff on cost and price analysis, procurement memorandums, subcontractor responsibility and other topics. He also oversaw proposal solicitation and evaluation.

Cibic brought his formidable negotiation skills to all his work, Collins said.

“His negotation skills have saved the lab a lot of money. He’s good at what he does,” Collins said. “If I was in a situation where someone was negotiating on my behalf, I’d want Bob to do it.”

Cibic is currently the LCLS-II project procurement administrator, a job that requires him to be familiar with the workings of both Fermilab and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, where the future LCLS-II will operate.

“Bob has been an extremely dependable, thorough and creative person to work with over the years,” Collins said. “He’s taken on the most challenging and complex work.”

After Cibic leaves the laboratory, he plans to spend more time bike-riding, reading, taking walks and practicing yoga, and he’s looking forward to traveling to Europe with his wife. Both will continue to take their border collie mix for pet therapy at a nearby retirement community, a practice they’ve kept up for 11 years, and to volunteer at their church’s food pantry. Cibic also plans to help people learn English as a second language at Literacy DuPage.

“I have been with Fermilab for almost 25 years, and it has been a very rewarding and wonderful place to work,” Cibic said. “I will truly miss the people that I have worked with over the years.”

Wish Cibic well at his retirement celebration on Thursday, June 29, from 2-4 p.m. on the south crossover of Wilson Hall’s 15th floor.