Colloquium this week: “A Roadmap For Nuclear Energy Technology”

Tanju Sofu

Tanju Sofu of the Nuclear Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory talks about the future of nuclear energy technology and a roadmap, at this week’s colloquium in One West, Wilson Hall. Come hear him speak on Wednesday, June 28, at 4 p.m.

As the world continues to urbanize and as developing countries continue their trajectory of economic development, the energy need will outpace population growth and will challenge sustainable development. The prospects for the future use of nuclear energy can best be understood within the context of global population growth, urbanization, rising energy need and associated pollution concerns. In the United States, the pending retirement of the existing nuclear fleet, representing over 60 percent of the nation’s emission-free electricity, poses a challenge. Sofu will discuss the future of nuclear energy worldwide and DOE’s vision and strategy for supporting sustainability and the nuclear energy technology in the United States.

Sofu is the manager of the Engineering Analysis Department in Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering Division. He provides technical leadership and programmatic guidance for a broad range of activities such as the engineering simulations, safety analyses, and risk assessments of nuclear reactor systems and fuel cycle facilities, as well as advanced modeling, diagnostics and control strategies for nuclear reactor systems, and process modeling for emerging non-nuclear energy technologies. He also coordinates the multilaboratory activities for the Fast Reactor Methods and Safety R&D technical area under the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Technologies program. He serves as the co-chair of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development / Nuclear Energy Agency’s Generation-IV International Forum Risk & Safety Working Group and the Safety Design Criteria Task Force.

Pushpa Bhat is the chair of the Fermilab Colloquium Committee, which organizes the colloquium series.