Enrico Fermi exhibit – with special treat on June 7-8

Check out the laboratory’s new Enrico Fermi showcase in the Wilson Hall atrium starting Wednesday, June 7.

A giant in the field of physics, the Italian physicist and laboratory namesake escaped Europe after he won the 1938 Nobel Prize in physics and made his way to the University of Chicago before World War II. Learn about his place in science history and the lab’s dedication in his name in 1974.

And, for two days only, June 7-8, the exhibit will include a special treat, on loan to the lab: a steamer trunk that Fermi used to flee to the United States in January 1939 after leaving Italy to receive the Nobel Prize in Stockholm; a set of linens with the Enrico Fermi monogram; and a piece of graphite from Chicago Pile 1, which was Fermi’s experiment at the University of Chicago that created the world’s first controlled, self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction.

So take in some science and lab history this week: Stroll by the new exhibit!