Fermilab set to give you a charge!

Two electric-vehicle charging stations were recently installed at the lab: one near the Linac (shown here) and one at the Fuel Service Center. Photo: George Davidson

Employee personal electric-vehicle charging is now available at Fermilab!

The Transportation Department installed two electric-vehicle charging stations in 2016 for the purpose of charging Fermilab fleet vehicles. Those charging stations are now being made available for employee use. One station with two charging ports is next to the west entrance to the Linac building. A second station with two charging ports is available at the Fuel Service Center on Receiving Road.

Employees who are interested in participating should first contact EVCharging@fnal.gov to request authorization to participate. Once authorized, employees will be given information for gaining access to the Fermilab charging stations system through Chargepoint.com, the charging station vendor. Users will need to have an account with Chargepoint in order to charge their vehicle.

The cost of a charge will be $1.25 plus a small service fee. Employees will be responsible for courteous use of the charging stations, and Fermilab fleet vehicles will always have priority if needed. If you would like to review the policy and procedure documents, please let us know at the EVCharging@fnal.gov and we will send them to you.

George Davidson is the head of the Fermilab Transportation Department.