Sign up for June 15 sports competitions

Sporting competitions will be happening as part of the June 15 employee 50th Frontier Pub Afterparty from 4 to 9 p.m.. Please click here to sign up for any of the following activities ahead of time to help the organizers plan. Those arriving without having registered will still happily be included.

  • Softball: A Softball Home Run Derby will take place at the Village softball field starting at 5pm. Homeruns will be determined by two sets of marked cones, at 200 feet for men and 120 feet for women. Bats, balls, and a pitcher will be provided, but batters may elect to supply their own pitcher as desired. The batters with the most home runs will receive a commemorative 50-year anniversary afterparty t-shirt and 50 years of bragging rights. Feel free to bring the kids (and their gloves) to help collect and scout home runs!
  • Slow bike race: The Fermilab Bicycle Commuters will host a Slow Bike Race, an ongoing event starting at 5pm.  Let your inner tortoise loose by riding a bicycle as slow as possible. The longest time to finish the course wins! Bicycles will be provided. Meet on Che Che Pinqua St.
  • Soccer: A 4-team soccer tournament will take place at the soccer field. Semi-finals begin at 5:30pm and 6pm, followed by the final at 6:30pm. Register now to ensure participation in one of the teams, or come watch the exciting games and play pickup following the tournament.
  • Basketball: A 3-on-3 basketball tournament will begin at 5pm on the basketball courts in the Village. Bring a team of three or sign up and be assigned to a team as part of an ad-hoc draft. The winning team will receive a commemorative afterparty t-shirts.
  • Badminton: The preliminary round of the badminton tournament (doubles and women’s and men’s singles) is on June 14 in the gym at 4:30pm. Watch the finals on June 15 near The Frontier Pub and play friendly pickup matches before and after the show.


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