Abri Credit Union – shared-branch information

When visiting a shared branch location you will need:

  • Your credit union name (Abri Credit Union)
  • Your member number (NOT your Fermi badge ID #)
  • Your account type (savings, checking, money market, loan)
  • Valid identification (drivers license, state ID, USA passport)
  • To fill out a transaction slip for every transaction processed
  • Additional information that may be asked to further validate ownership of the account

Things to know:

  • All check deposits will have a 2 day hold placed on the funds per share branch rules. We are now accepting check deposits and check withdrawals in our temporary location here on site. The ATM is still functional.
  • You can’t cash checks. However, if you have funds available you will be able to deposit the check(s) and then withdrawal from the funds available.
  • You can withdraw cash up to the limits established by each guest branch location.
  • Corporate America Family CU doesn’t have a coin counter.
  • Shared branching outlets have certain policies and procedures that must be followed and they may not deviate from certain fees and transactions.
  • Certain transactions may not be available at certain locations and you may be referred back to Abri.

Please call us with any additional questions prior to visiting one of our shared branch locations: 630-840-3293.

Updates to follow on when our office will move back across the hall. Thank you for your patience.