Look back at June, our birthday month, through DIFF

We’re halfway through our 50th year! It’s gone by quickly, but luckily many of you captured fleeting but important moments on camera: a brand new laser, a LArSoft workshop, a Fermilab staff member working on his birthday, the interior of Lab A, and more. And yes, you also captured our daylong birthday celebration on June 15 — in no fewer than 130 photos (and that was just a fraction of the photos you snapped!).

Remember, everyone at the lab can contribute to the Daily Image From Fermilab collection. Snap a photo and submit it to http://diff.fnal.gov/.

In the meantime, check out the June 15 photos, and look below for just a taste of what you saw in June 2017 (230 photos!). Click on the magnifying glass in the lower right to see the photos in full.