New on-demand leadership courses

The Office of Professional and Organization Development has launched leadership “microcourses” to provide individuals with just the right amount of information to address common workplace challenges. These online courses, Strengthening Relationships, Handling Common Coaching Challenges and Handling Unacceptable Performance, meet various learning preferences so that learners can quickly acquire and immediately apply new knowledge. Each module varies in length and include short videos, as well as a more in-depth learning experience with quick tips, pitfalls, self-assessments, and a variety of learning tools.
Zapp! Zone: Jane’s Dilemma is an interactive game that gives you the opportunity to practice using Key Principles learned in Interaction Management. You will:

  • See the immediate impact of your use of Key Principles on a team’s performance
  • Improve your situational judgement as to which Key Principle to use when in a challenging work situation
  • Strengthen and sustain essential skills that drive behavior change and team dynamics.

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