New strategic plan website now live

Curious about what is going on in different areas of the lab? Learn about milestones and plans from around the site on the new strategic plan website.

One-minute videos (featuring Fermilab employees!) provide highlights from each of the lab’s core capabilities: particle physics; large-scale user facilities and advanced instrumentation; accelerator science and technology; and advanced computer science, visualization, and data.  These core capabilities support our Scientific Discovery and Innovation mission. Another section of the site focuses on the strategic theme of Building for Science: People, Infrastructure, Innovation.

This strategic plan (derived from the Annual Lab Plan) offers an overview of Fermilab’s capabilities, achievements and goals. The lab will devote the majority of its time and effort over the next ten years to the major initiatives tied to the capabilities outlined in each section. While the full Annual Lab Plan was written for staff members at U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, this website was created specifically with Fermilab employees and users in mind.

Fermilab submits an updated plan to the DOE each year. The DOE provides detailed instructions for the document, called the Annual Lab Plan, and asks for information on the lab’s core capabilities, strategic plan and major initiatives, infrastructure, human resources, budget process and cost drivers, and partnership projects.

Take a look at the strategic plan website and make sure to watch the short videos to gain a better understanding of the lab’s focus and future.

Erik Gottschalk is the head of the Office of Integrated Planning and Performance Management.