Recent changes to Security Department management

Martha Michels

To ensure the continuity of the lab’s strong security program and effective succession planning, recent changes were made to the Security organization.

Bill Flaherty left his post as security chief and has rotated into the Security Department, and Dave Esterquest of ESH&Q was named security chief. As many of you know, Bill Flaherty served the laboratory very well as security chief for many years and has an immense amount of institutional knowledge. This change allows the lab to effectively follow a succession plan and reduce the risk of a gap in knowledge.

Additionally, several Security Department members have moved their offices to WH7E, including Bill Flaherty, Chuck Morrison and Ric Oropez. This allows them to be co-located with Dave Esterquest and the rest of the ESH&Q Department, including quality assurance. Lori Limberg, deputy security chief, moved to Bill Flaherty’s former office in the Communication Center.

From now on, please be sure to direct all security-related correspondence to Dave Esterquest. He will also continue in his role as emergency planner for the lab.

Martha Michels is the Fermilab chief safety officer.