Call for Scientist Advisory Council members

The Scientist Advisory Council (SAC), founded in June 2013, is a group of 16 members of the Fermilab scientific staff, diverse in areas of expertise and experience. The SAC will finish up its current term on Sept. 30. We are currently soliciting nominations for the 2017 to 2019 term.

The SAC meets regularly with the director. The charge of the council is to engage in open discussion on topics of interest for both short- and long-term plans for the laboratory’s research program. The council also discusses issues related to careers and professional development of the Fermilab scientific staff.

During the 2016-2017 term, the SAC organized two all scientist retreats together with working group meetings covering topics that the director wanted feedback from the scientific staff. One retreat was concerned with scientist happiness/diversity, and the other on the long term science program at the lab. The council also discussed and worked on a number of other topics including postdoc mentoring, proposed professional leave and joint appointment policies, a laboratory code of conduct, policies governing user access to the lab, and labwide “faculty pages.”

If you know of scientists who could make valuable contributions to our group by becoming a member or if you are a scientist who is interested in joining, please email, or by Sept. 1.  A list of the past members can be found at the SAC website.