ProCard holders and supervisors: policy change regarding Chase monthly statements

JP Morgan Chase has changed their policy regarding mailed monthly credit card statements. As of August 10th, cardholders will receive electronic statements (eStatements) by email from Chase. Your August statement will be an eStatement. If you do not receive an eStatement to your email address by August 18th, please give JP Morgan Chase a call. REMEMBER – supervisors still need to approve monthly ProCard statements. Each month as you receive your statement, you have two options: 1) Print out the statement from the email notification, and proceed as previously in obtaining supervisor approval; 2) Save an electronic copy of the statement, and obtain an electronic approval from your supervisor. Remember to always keep copies of paper approvals or electronic approvals with your order back up materials. Please contact Nancy Yackle, X2555, or Julie Wiley, X8048, if you require further assistance.