What was the DIFF in August? Make a DIFF in September!

People are hard at work all over Fermilab, as evidenced by many of the 136 photos you took for August’s Daily Image From Fermilab, or DIFF. People have been keeping up the laboratory grounds, cleaning old scientific equipment and, of course, doing science.

If you haven’t contributed to the DIFF project, consider doing so in September! View the August photos as your inspiration. To participate, all you have to do is take a photo at Fermilab and submit it to the DIFF website. Let’s capture what Fermilab was like in its 50th year, and make your mark in our online yearbook.

You can view the full collection of DIFF photos on either diff.fnal.gov (viewable only on the Fermilab site or via VPN) or at 50.fnal.gov.

A small selection of the August DIFF photos is in the gallery below: pictures of people, nature, landscapes, buildings and everyday objects. Click on the magnifying glass (visible on mouseover) to view photos in full.