FermiWorks update Sept. 8 and 9

The FermiWorks human capital management system will be updated to Workday version 29. The update will occur from Friday, Sept. 8, at 9 p.m. until Saturday, Sept. 9, at noon Central. FermiWorks will be unavailable during this time.

Following the update, you may notice some changes in the user interface, but the functionality will remain unchanged. Here are notable items with this release:

1. Worker Profile Update
The worker profile now displays the worker profile tabs on the left. You can toggle between sections for more ease of use. To view your worker profile:
• Click on “View Profile” next to your profile picture. Tabs for your benefits, compensation, performance, career, job, overview, personal and contact will appear on the left.
• Click “More” to open more tabs.
• On the summary tab, you will see basic job information, any projects and job details on the right about your position and service.

See a screenshot of the updated worker profile page below.

2. Goals Page Update
Also, the Goal page has been redesigned to enable you to seamlessly view, add and update ad hoc goals. Watch for more information on this feature in November, when we launch 2018 goal setting.

We encourage you to log in to explore your worker profile and reach out to your HR Partner or HCM team with any questions. This is also a good time to make sure you have cleared out any inbox items such as “Review Emergency Contact,” “Review Outside Employment” or “Talent Review.”

Updated worker profile page