Hugh Montgomery gives Colloquium on “Jefferson Lab: Nuclear Physics Laboratory” – Sept. 20

Hugh Montgomery

After years of upgrades, Jefferson Lab’s CEBAF accelerator is getting a big boost to 12 GeV of electron beam energy, giving researchers an unprecedented ability to explore the nucleus of the atom and the complex make-up of nucleons with quarks and gluons.

Former Fermilab Associate Director for Research Hugh Montgomery, who served as the Jefferson Lab director until recently, gives an overview of the laboratory’s nuclear physics plan in a Colloquium on Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 4 p.m. in One West.

The new CEBAF sets the scene for a physics program with 12-GeV electrons, a key component of the 2015 Nuclear Science Advisory Committee Long Range plan. Upgrades to the laboratory technical infrastructures have facilitated participation in the LCLS-II project. The laboratory is also one of the leaders in the preparation of the next major U.S. nuclear physics construction project, the Electron Ion Collider.

Pushpa Bhat is the chair of the Fermilab Colloquium Committee, which organizes the colloquium series.