Maury Tigner gives Colloquium on Bob Wilson – Sept. 27

Maury Tigner

We all owe so much to our founding director, Robert Wilson. Arguing that a National Accelerator should not be on the East or West coasts, he brought it here in the Midwest. He not only got the highest-energy accelerator built for world-class physics, he made sure we have great buildings in beautiful surroundings, with a bison herd and prairie restoration, art and sculptures, many of which he made.

Bob Wilson spent much of his life as a professor at Cornell, and on Wednesday the Colloquium will be about his life and achievements, by Cornell Professor Emeritus Maury Tigner. Maury made many outstanding contributions to accelerator physics, designing the electron-positron storage ring CESR, the conceptual design of the Superconducting Super Collider, and initiating research on superconducting radio-frequency technology already in 1969.

The colloquium is at 4 p.m. in One West and will be followed by a reception for Maury on the Wilson Hall second-floor art gallery. All are welcome.

Michael Albrow is a Fermilab scientist emeritus.