Three receive distinguished scientist distinction

The Distinguished Scientist Promotion Committee (DSPC) was established in December 2016 by the recommendation of the Fermilab Scientist III Committee, co-chaired by Marcela Carena and Edward Berger from Argonne National Laboratory, after extensive discussions with scientists at the lab.

The DSPC, chaired by Professor Daniela Bortoletto of the University of Oxford, followed closely the guidelines outlined in “Interim Reports” from the Scientist III Committee and “Procedure for Appointment to Distinguished Scientist.” The DSPC recommended three Fermilab scientists be awarded the title of distinguished scientist: Doug Glenzinski, Valeri Lebedev and Albert Stebbins.

The Fermilab Distinguished Scientist appointment is an exceptional category outside of the regular scientist career track, and it is a special recognition of international scientific stature and accomplishment.

Letters were requested from 12 reviewers, of which eight to nine were from outside the laboratory. The letters were requested from leaders in our field around the world. The committee emphasized a high bar in the criteria identified by both committees. The DSPC is a standing committee that will continue evaluating scientists who may be ready for consideration in the near future.

Congratulations to Doug, Valeri and Albert on this distinction.

The citations are as follows:

Doug Glenzinski

For contributions to the characterization of the top quark and the search for new physics using the B system and for broad leadership and visionary work in establishing the discovery potential and performance requirements of the Mu2e experiment.

Valeri Lebedev

For contributions to accelerator physics that led to a considerable increase in luminosity for the Tevatron collider Run II; to the discovery of a new particle loss mechanism due to intrabeam stripping; to beam cooling techniques, including electron, stochastic and optical stochastic cooling; and to the design of intensity frontier accelerators.

Albert Stebbins

For theoretical contributions to a broad range of topics in cosmology, including the identification of the E/B decomposition in the polarization field of the cosmological background radiation, which has led to an ambitious experimental program to detect primordial gravitational waves generated during inflation.