From Nigel Lockyer: Five things you should know

Nigel Lockyer

Editor’s note: The video of the Sept. 26 all-hands meeting is now available online. Access to the Fermilab network is required to view the video.

Last Tuesday’s all-hands meeting was well attended. Thanks to all of you who came out to hear about the state of Fermilab, and to hear Blackhawks Ambassador Denis Savard wish us a happy 50th anniversary. Photos from the event, including group photographs and pictures of the Fermilab jersey, are now available online.This column summarizes the highlights from the State of the Lab presentation.

  1. LBNF/DUNE takes major steps forward toward construction.  On July 21 a groundbreaking ceremony took place one mile underground at Sanford Lab, with a simultaneous celebration here at Fermilab. On August 9 a contract was awarded to one of the nation’s top engineering firms to prepare for excavation and construction of DUNE.
  2. The UK made a major commitment to LBNF/DUNE. On September 20 the UK signed the first-ever science and technology agreement with the United States, with support for LBNF/DUNE as the first project announced under the agreement. The DUNE collaboration continues to grow, now including 1,032 participants from 176 institutions in 31 countries.
  3. This is the year of the muon. The first muons were delivered to the Muon g-2 experiment this year. In 2018 the team plans to increase their data collection rate by 6,000 times, with an ultimate goal of surpassing the experiment conducted at Brookhaven.
  4. We are on track with our diverse construction projects. Our work on cryomodules and cryo distribution system for LCLS-II is going well. PIP-II is moving toward a CD-1 reviews this fall and winter; the LHC Accelerator Upgrade Project, Mu2e, CMS HiLumi, IERC are all on track and we are wrapping up Muon g-2, the Utilities Upgrade Project and the CMS phase 1 upgrade. Congratulations to all the teams.
  5. The Open House was a big success. Thanks to the Office of Communication, FESS, ESH&Q and over 1,000 people who worked to prepare the tour sites and run a successful event on September 23.